Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sorry to interrupt the trip story, but today is Gameday! For those of you who don't know, Louisville Cardinal Football starts tonight on ESPNU. I love this time of the year for this just can't beat college football. Anyway, we are ahead 42-10 right now and I am a bit disappointed in the defense thus far. I kinda expected for the defense to allow 0 points, oh well. Sam wore his game jersey all day long, so the mojo is in full effect. Cheri asked me to say some things about Sam's develepment tonight, so here goes.

We really feel that the last two weeks he spent with us really moved him along very well. He was always with us and he seems to be listening much better now. He seems to understand that when we say something, he should listen. He understands so much more than we give him credit for. His english and words are becoming clearer and he can usually tell us what he wants. 49-10. He expresses joy when he sees his mommy or me, and expresses sadness when we leave for the day, although temporary. He is such a great kid and its hard to believe that he was just sitting in an orphange waiting for us. Love that kid.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oh, thats where I left it....

Yes I know, in the world of blogging, I am not a great updater. I plan on making up for it, so give me a chance! We just got back from a 12 day trip/vacation with Sam. The trip took us to Boston, Lake Winapisakee, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Niagra Falls, Chicago, and Louisville, with several stops along the way. I will hopefully be able to break down the trip here in the next few weeks. We had a great time, however a road trip is not in our near or far future. Sam was a super trooper. He spent alot of time in the car seat and passed the time by sleeping, singing, eating, reading, and playing with his animals.

Our first stop on the trip was Boston. We stayed the first night at Uncle Joes sisters house just south of Boston. We had tickets to the Red Sox game on Friday, which was my and Sams first major league baseball game. So, Friday morning we load up all the kids and rolled out to find Fenway. We took two trains and the park was within walking distance. It was fun to experience Boston this way. We had stading room tickets just behind the 1st tier of seats in a nice little covered area. As soon as we walk in, Big Popi hits a home run and the place goes nuts! Fenway is a great ballpark and the experience was incredible. Sam did not watch any baseball. Hmmmm. We had the required hot dogs and beer, and to top it off, the Sox won.

We left Boston and headed north to meet Adam, Beth and Ryan in New Hampshire at Lake Winapisakee, which is where the half ironman was being held. It just so happened that that Friday was also our 5th wedding anniversary, so we stopped and enjoyed a nice dinner with everyone on the way up. This is a great place to stop, stay tuned for the rest of the trip.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

More Pictures

Picture Blitz!

There is no rhyme or reason for this post other than to post some pictures. Sam had a big boy glass of chocolate milk for dinner and got some on his shirt. He also played strongman on the bar on his playset. On a completely different subject, they were debating on sportscenter that there is no such thing as a shark attack because if you are in the ocean and get bit its just trespassing, but if you are on your couch and a shark bites you, that would be a shark attack. Discuss. Oh...the knot that you see on Sam's head is an old war wound from Nam.