Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meeting the Cousins

This last week, we set off on a little adventure to meet the cousins. On Friday, we trekked over to Boone, NC and stayed the night in a Best Western with the worlds firmest mattresses. No kidding, these puppies were like boards. I was participating in a little bike ride called Blood, Sweat and Gears, a fifty mile ride in the mountains around Boone. After the ride, we headed over Knoxville to visit the newest cousin, Jack. Somehow, we did not get any pictures of Jack, but this is one I stole off my Moms blog.

He is a cute little dude, only a week old(almost two weeks now) and we had a great time there. He sleeps alot, and poops even more. After a few days in Knoxvegas, we rolled up to Louisville to meet Kate, our other new cousin from China. She is a dollbaby.

Of course we also saw our favorite Cousin, Leah

Sam loves to talk about Leah and playing with her, they have the best time when they get together. We stayed in Louisville a couple of days, went to the zoo and had a great time with Gramma Re Re and Pop Pop. Here are some random shots of the boy.