Friday, January 16, 2009

Craigslist Miracle

So, I guess everyone probably knows about Craigslist around here. If you don't, it is like a big yard sale online. You list your stuff, or what you want, or what you want to trade your 74 Dodge Dart for.

We were doing some house cleaning and had two of Sam's carseats in the garage and put them up on CL. Didn't get much action for a while, not even the standard "hey, I'll give you 20 bucks for both, pick them up now" e-mail. Until yesterday...

I get an e-mail from a woman who says she would love to by the seats because she is adopting a boy from Russia soon and they would be great. Ok, nothing weird so far. I write back and tell her that yes, we still have them, and guess what, we also have a son from Russia.

So she calls me and I ask her where they are adopting their son from...Moscow she says, wow, that's where Sam is from. What baby house is he at? Baby house #2, wow, that is where Sam is from. I don't know how many baby houses there are in Moscow, but these odds are crazy. So, we arrange to meet to exchange cash for seats.

In the meantime, she e-mails me with some questions about the orphanage and the process and tells me that they are using Adoptions from the Heart and Children World Adoption Agency. Now, this is going to sound weird, but yes, those are our agencies too. So I ask her if she knows Alla and Igor, you may remember, Alla is the facilitator in Moscow and Igor is the baddest driver in all of Moscow. Bang, next thing in my inbox is a picture of Alla and Igor in front of Baby house #2. Get the heck out of here!

So they came over tonight with their family and got the seats. We talked for a long time about the process and they were happy to see Sam in full "Sam" mode. They are preparing to head back to Moscow in two weeks for the court process. We figured that their son Ben was born about a week after we left Moscow.


You can meet them here

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The moon

Tonight when I picked Sam up from school tonight the moon was bright in the sky. Sam saw it and told me that Grammy Re and Pop-Pop were looking at the same moon and stars.

Grammy Re told Sam when she was here on Thanksgiving that whenever he saw the moon, Grammy Re and Pop Pop could see the same moon and were thinking of him.

Too Cute