Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well, we are at week 4 officially on the cast, we are over it. Really. That little orange thing is so gross now, it smells funky and everything that was white is now black. Good news is we have an appointment next Tuesday to saw it off his arm. I wanted to keep the cast as a souvenir, not so much anymore. Sam does not let it slow him down at all, he still tumbles, and climbs like normal. And, the cast is a good place to keep your french fries.

Sam had a moment Sunday at church. We are trying out a new church near the house and on Sunday we went to the early service. Sam did not want to go to the nursery/children's church, so he went in the big room with us. He said he wanted to sing. So, the service is moving along nicely, the message this morning is on gratitude. Sam is being pretty good, mostly coloring and eating snacks. Had no idea he was paying attention to the sermon at all. At some point the preacher starting talking about rejoicing and celebrating with others. That was Sam's cue to say "rejoice!" out loud without even missing a beat in his coloring book. We got some smiles out of that one.