Monday, February 11, 2008


Yes, this is Sam's new word. He says it about 100 times a day. Even when he wants to reply yes, such as "do you want a cookie Sam?" he will say no! Hopefully it is just a phase, hopefully. We think the "get up 30 times from bed" phase is coming to an end, however, the "waking up at 5:30" phase is in full swing. At least he is happy when he wakes up.

Today when I picked him up from school he made the whole class laugh. Whenever he sees me or Cheri at school he does his best touchdown dance. Today all of the kids and teachers got a great laugh out of it. He loves school and he is doing well in his new class. His speech therapy was supposed to start last Wednesday, but his bus never showed up. We are going to try again this Wednesday.

The renovation is coming along nicely. The drywall is up and being taped and mudded now. Cheri is the best mudder. She loves to put on some Mozart, get a glass of wine and mud away. Should be painting soon and then its onto the cabinets. Oh the fun.