Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Sam had a great time with all of his Easter baskets this weekend. He had one from the bunny, one from Grammy Re and Pop Pop, one from Grammy, one from Uncle Rich and Aunt Rachel, and a bonus package from Uncle Jerry and Aunt Susie. We have enough candy! Uncle Rich got the "cool" gift award in the form of a turtle that shines constellations from its shell. Sam does not get out of bed when the turtle is on. Its pretty cool to watch when the lights go out.

We made it to church with our pockets stuffed full of candy and ready to roll. Sam's favorite part of the service is when we all stand up and sing, he fit right in. Afterwards we went over to Grammies for a ham dinner, and more candy. We discovered that the squeeze tube of sweet tart candy was like catnip to the boy. Just one dab and he is off running!

The renovation is wrapping up! We are painting the cabinets and trim now and most likely will be done painting the colors by Saturday. yeah!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fire in the hole!

Whew, it was a whirlwind day on the ol ranchero. It actually started last night when Sam went over to Grammies for a sleep over. He loves going over to Grammies and has no problem saying goodbye to us when we drop him off, might be something about candy....Anyway, this morning I ran in the Shamrock half marathon while Cheri stayed home and kept on chugging on the renovation. After I got home we went over to church so Sam could have some big fun at the easter egg hunt. Well, I say hunt, but it was more like an easter egg pick-up party as they were littered all over the lawn. He had a great time picking up as many eggs as he could and chucking them in his basket. They had a jumpy blow up thing and hot dogs as well, a great time was had by all.

The title of this post is Fire in the hole, because that is what I say to Sam before I fire up the nail gun. When he hears it he immediately drops whatever is in his hands and high tails it to the couch. I don't want to abuse it, but its pretty cool when I shout it and he runs. Thankfully, we are almost done with the nail gun for this project. Actually, we are down to patching some holes in the wood and then priming and painting to wrap this little project up. We still need to put doors on the cabinets, but that will have to wait till we figure out what style we want.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The circus and other things fun

Just let me get these cobwebs out of the way before I start this entry.....The circus came into town last weekend and we decided to give it a go. First things first, PETA would like you to know that 26 elephants have died in the 100 plus years of the circus and they are not afraid to hand your kid a flyer. I wanted to ask them if any clowns were injured, but Cheri would not let me. We went with Sam's friend Kelsey on opening night and they had a great time. The circus is a great place to spend some hard earned cash and we did just that. Sam really loved the clowns and the horses and the dogs and the elephants. It was fun to see him laugh and interact with the other kids.

Speech therapy is going well. Every Wednesday he gets on a bus at school and takes a short 5 minute ride to a public school to meet Ms. Laura for 30 minutes. His school is great about making sure he is out front and waiting for it. His english is improving and we can usually figure out what he wants quickly.

The renovations are going as planned. We figure we need one more big push to get the job done. It will all be worth it in the end. Just not sure what we will do next....