Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pool Time!

Mr. Sam got up at 5 AM this morning, Daddy did not want to get up that early, so we moved to the big bed and we stayed there until 6.....Sam got a nap at 10, Daddy didn't! After his 2 1/2 hour sleepfest, he and Mommy went to the pool. They met Courtney, Bella, Aidan, Evan, Maya, and some other kids at Uncle Mikes pool. He was a bit tentative a first but he gradually found a bit of courage and had some fun. He loved playing with his friends and playing with Mommy in the water. He might be a little water bug soon. Only two days till Grampy and Gramma come to vist the big guy. We is gonna have some fun...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Have Guitar, Will Travel

Just a quick post today. We had family band hour tonight and Sam loves when the guitar gets out. We also played with the drums, recorder, bells, and the tamborine. We will be cutting a demo later...peace out

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Social Outings

We had an exciting Saturday as Sam was invited to his first party and then we had a cook-out at Uncle Joe's and Aunt Courtney's. The party was a fun time, there were a lot of kids of all ages there. Sam had the most fun standing at the gate to the backyard and looking at the St. Bernard. He also went down a slide all by himself about 40 times and even got some swim time in the kiddie pool. There were quite a few people at the party who had not yet met Sam, and he wowed em all. After a great nap, we loaded up and headed over to Joe and Courts for a BBQ. Fewer kids this time, not by much though. Sam had on his long pants because the skeeters really love him, and it is skeeter season. Sam had a great time playing with all the kids and showing the adults his cheeky side. Little cheeky monkey. Sunday, as intended, was a day of rest around here. Potty training awaits....

Friday, June 22, 2007

Uncle Rob and Auntie Em

Uncle Rob and Auntie Em came to vist us for a couple days and we had a great time! Sam loved his time with them and tonight at bed time he lifted his head when I told him that Uncle Rob loves him. Last night we grilled out and had some fajitas with all the fixins. Grammie came over to see Rob and get some more Sam lovin. Today we took a trip to the zoo. Went ahead and ponied up for the family pass so Mommy and Sam can go all summer every day if they want to! We got to see the elephants, lions, prarie dogs, snakes, cows and pigs. Sam really liked the cow the best. Moo. Sam also got a cool surprise when he got up from his nap when he saw the trike that Aunt Kari sent him. He got right on and started going like he had ridden it before. We did have a bit of bad luck as Maggie claimed another of Sam's animals. RIP baby elephant. Sam's first birthday party is tomorrow....yea

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Sorry about not updating the blog recently, we have a toddler running around! Anywho, Sam had his first doctor visit here in the states yesterday. We use a doctor at CHKD (Childrens Hospital of Kings Daughters), he was the first doctor to see the video of Sam back in March. The visit started fine as Sam weighed in and got measured. He has put on a couple of pounds and an inch in his four weeks with us. He is still off the radar as far his height and weight, but that is to be expected and we aint worried. The 2nd half of the visit is where the wheels fell off. Sam got several shots in his legs and arms as well as giving up 8 vials of blood. The whole experience took just over 3 hours and Sam slept in this morning! Mommy & Daddy have the fun job of collecting the stool samples. He got to go to the vet this morning to take Maggie in for her skin itchiness, and then to the hardware store, mr. cutie has left the building. Uncle Rob and Auntie Em (sorry) are coming tomorrow to see Sam and he can't wait to show them abacka.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Well today was out first Fathers Day. Seems like there is a lot of "firsts" with Sammy around here! I started the day with a nice 30 mile bike ride and then came home to dress Sam in his "my dad is the man" t-shirt. It was the first shirt I bought him and today was the most appropriate day to don it. We then went outside to work on the patio/garden in the backyard. We broke out the Nemo sprinkler for Sam, but he just wanted to stop the spinning Nemo and so we switched to the hose. Faithful readers know that Sam loves the hose. Today did not disappoint, see exhibit A & B. We also had a Fathers Day cookout with Joe, Court the kids and Grammy. The new grill cooks burgers just fine. We had a great time running around and playing. The kids had a picnic on a blanket until Mommy moved to the big table, and Mommies shadow followed her. He loves his Mommy (and Daddy).

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sam the Guitar Man

After dinner tonight, which was Sams first trip to our Mexican restaurant, we went into Daddys office to play the guitar. Sam sat right down in front of me when I began to play and just looked up in amazement. Not sure what he was amazed about. Anyway, he sang a little and even helped strum the guitar. Might have to get him his own soon. We also had silly time on the floor and then we had a great tubby and even better bedtime. Tomorrow will mark two weeks home with him and he must be smiling at least 90% of the time.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, Mommy and Sam had a zoo trip scheduled with his friends Bella, Aidan, and Evan but mother nature had different plans as it was raining today. The good news is the zoo is only 3 minutes away and Sam will have plenty of opportunity to see the animals. Plan B as it were, was to meet at MacArthur Mall and hang out in the kids play area. If you have never been there it is a great place with a very squishy floor and oversized food on the floor. Sam, Bella, Aidan, Evan and Marli all got together and ran all over the joint. I came up and met them all for a very clean, mess free lunch.....uh right. Mommy has Bunko tonight and she can't wait for big people time!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well fathers day came early this year for me in the form of a new grill! Daddies last grill lasted 8 seasons and it was time for a change. Sam helped me put the new one together this afternoon after I had a last minute cancellation for a home inspection. He got to play with all the screwdrivers, wrenches, and socket sets. He likes the sockets the most as there are very many to choose from. Unfortunately, I didn't get it put together in time for dinner, so it looks like we get to break it in tomorrow night. Sam is a good little helper and aside from the num num breaks, I would not hesitate to hire him again, or give him a good reference.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Fun with the hose

Today was my first full day back to work and it was hard to leave the little dude. I kept picturing him making his sabacka face and screaming with delight. On a lighter note, Cheri thought it was fun to hear this come from tubby time last night: "come on dude, you farted in the tub three times". This was after I put him on the potty because I thought he had to go. We are making a bit of progress in that department, tonight he got right on and went within seconds.

So, Sammy and Mommy had a great time today kicking around the house. They spent much of the afternoon outside under the new umbrella we got yesterday! When it was time to pull out the hose to water the plants, Sam was in charge of the whole event. That kid does not mind the water one bit! He even tried to water Maggie, she didn't seem to mind either I am told. Sam is adjusting nicely around here and giving us hugs and kisses on his own sometimes. He loves num num the most and is not afraid to tell you when he is hungry.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Shampoo Mowhawk

Sam really enjoys bathtime around here. He screams with glee when we turn on the water for the bath. The little guy would get naked all by himself if he could untape his diaper. We use duct tape. Anyway, Sam had a passage of childhood last night when he got his first shampoo mowhawk. He wore the look rather well and we may see this look again in another bath. He got scores of 9, 8.5, 7.5, 10, and a 6 from the Russian judge, that score was thrown out on a technicality. We went to Harborfest today and saw the parade of big ships. He had his first taste of festival food in a gigantic turkey leg that I bought. It was super hot out today and we drank a bunch of water. Sam had a great time with his friends Bella, Aidan, and Evan. His favorite part of the day was collecting sticks in the kids pirate section. He is winding down now, getting a story with Momma, then its Momma and Daddy time!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Igor & Alla

I just saw that Cheri took a picture of Alla & Igor on her way out of Moscow and since you have never seen Igor or Alla, here they are! Alla did an amazing job helping us in Moscow and of course we would have gotten nowhere without Igor! He is stylin in this picture.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Our first trip to the beach!

The one great thing about living in Hampton Roads is we have easy access to the beaches. We have several options when it comes to beaches and today we picked the beach closest to the house in Ocean View. After Sam had a fantastic 2 hour nap, we loaded up the wagon and the car with all the beach essentials. He had a great time playing in the sand with his buckets and shovels. Once he figured out that sand was not good to eat, things got a lot better. He had a heck of a time with his hat as he would take it off every time I put it on, go figure. Mommy and Sam ventured down to the surf and Sam got his first dip in the Chesapeake Bay. He was a bit apprehensive at first, but he got right in and had a great time. I am sure that he will have much fun this summer on our beach trips! The good thing about 2 1/2 hours at the beach....bedtime was cake!

Monday, June 4, 2007

First post with the new blog

Well, I thought I would try this blogging thing since our family is spread all over the country and this is an easy way to keep everybody updated. Sam is adjusting as well as we thought he would if not better. This is his 3rd night with us and he is sleeping and eating very well. His current obsession is Maggie, our dog. He calls her Abacka which is kinda Russian for dog. He has not touched her yet, but it is coming very soon. He loves his bathtime and his dinner almost as much! I hope I can figre out how to make this blog pop......