Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pic with Santa

Here it is.....


Thanksgiving Weekend!

We have been busy around here! We stayed in town for Thanksgiving this year and we all went over to Courtney's moms house to have dinner with her family. All of the usual suspects were there and Sam got to enjoy his first Thanksgiving with all his friends. We were very thankful to have all these great people in our lives. Friday, Cheri got up super early and hit the black friday shopping which is her crazy tradition! Aunt Co Co called and since she wanted to go shopping too, I volunteered to watch all the childrens. So, Sam, Bella, Aidan, Evan and I partied our butts off with no supervision and gorged out on ice cream and pie.

Saturday was Uncle Joes birthday. We all went to the mall and saw Santa and the Cat in the Hat. Sam was a tiny bit scared of Santa, he did eventually warm up to him and did not look at all uncomfortable in Santas lap. We did not get much of a smile for the picture, but we did get a very cute one of Santa reading to him. He is stating to grasp the concept of Santa and what he does. He knows Ho Ho Ho very well. We spent the rest of the morning at the story time with the Cat, playing on the big food at Macarthur and eating pizza at Granby Street Pizza. Sam is growing so much everyday in so many ways, it is so fun to watch. The way he interacts with the other kids is fun to watch.

Today, I did my best Clark Griswold impression and hung the exterior lights on the house. It is a process that takes about 5 hours, pending burnt out light slowdowns. As of right now, all the lights are functioning and burning bright. Inside we were able to get all the Christmas stuff out of the attic and get the tree set up with all the lights. We will probably start decorating tomorrow or Tuesday. Sam is good at hanging the lower ornaments.

He is such a sweet kid and we can't wait to see the glow in his eyes this season.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sams Weekend

Before the video below was taken, Sam was having a great weekend. Actually, those of you that know Sam, know that simply falling off a chair will not dent that kid. He can take a lump or two. Saturday night we went over to Kelseys house for her 3rd birthday party. There were a bunch of kids runing around and Sam jumped right in and ran around with them. Kelsey got a great little pink jeep and she took Sam out on the inagural ride. They laughed and laughed so hard, it was great to see. Santa might bring Sam one of these things, not in pink though. Christmas is going to be fun fun this year as we transiton from Father Frost to Santa Clause. Boy oh Boy....

No Kids were harmed in the filming of this video

Sam is a singer, he loves to sing, mostly at the top of his voice. Kid has a little Joe Cocker in him I think. Anyway, this morning I set out to catch some of this singing on tape and apparently singing makes him a bit woozy......

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

School and other stuff

Wheee! We are having fun now....Mommy is in Memphis this week on a business trip, so its just Daddy and the boy for a few days. He started school on Monday and he is having the best time. The first morning he walked in and started playing right away and played all day until I picked him up. He cryed a little bit the other two days when we walked up the stairs to his classroom, but when he gets in, he calms down and gets down to business. All the teachers at school are great and they give us daily reports on his progress. He is also the potty champion with no accidents in at least 5 days. His teachers at school walk around and tell the other teachers how well he does on the potty. I know its tonight we went down to the Macarthur Center after school to play on the big pieces of food in the play area, have some dinner, get some winter clothes, and walk around the mall. He is becoming quite the independent walker. We got a call today and his speech therapy is starting on Firday morning and will continue once a week until January or as needed. We are very excited and Sam is too! He is the happiest kid when he comes home from school. Love that kid.

PS, no new pictures, so these are from the archives!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

First Day of School!

Yes, tomorrow is Sam's first day of school. Well, yes I know its just pre-school and you get to take naps, but its still school! Mommie leaving for Memphis for 4 days and she is going to take Sam in the morning. We had to assemble all his school stuff which includes, a sheet and blanket, toothbrush and toothpaste, a bib, and two changes of clothes. He is doing very well using the potty, 100% today and oh 90% yesterday. He will be wearing the big boy pants tomorrow. He has changed so much just in the last two weeks alone. We really think the time he spent with Co Co really made a big impact. Tonight he and I went to Beth & Adam's house to watch the Patriots game with at least 15 other people. He had a great time chasing the kids around and an even better time chasing the kitty around. He is interacting very well with the other kids and you can tell by his belly laughs. Lately he has taken to naming all of the things he sees, such as Daddy, Mommy, Maggie, socks, shorts, juice and then points to himself and says Peter. If you ask him his name, he says Sam. Hopefully we will be able to put those two things together in the near future, or we might be calling the boy Pete. Love that kid.