Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Broken Bone!!!

Well actually just two fractures, but hey, a kids gotta start somewhere right?

He was playing out in the yard on Sunday night with us. We were sitting on the back deck about 1 foot away from the boy. He was doing some tumbling and flipping and did a flip and came up screaming. It did not seem too bad, he was crying a bit, but it did not seem to hurt him when I pushed on his hand. I figured it was just a sprain. We put some ice on it and let it go.

He had a tough night Sunday. He was up and down all night long complaining about his hand. His hand was a bit puffy and swollen. So Monday we made an appointment to see the doc. She told Sam and I that it was most likely sprained but ordered an x-ray anyway. We then went down to CHKD and got a picture of his hand. She called back at 4 and told me that he had two fractures in his thumb/palm area. Bummer dude. At this point she said just wrap an ace bandage around it until they could cast it. That was fun. He does not like the ace bandage. It likes it better when Mommy puts it on.

So, Tuesday we had an appointment with Dr. Fox for the casting. All the way over to the doctor he tells me he is getting a purple cast. We called Mommy and we told her he wanted a purple cast. We called Grammy too, purple cast. Just as we pull up to the office, he switches over to orange. Yes, orange. Orange is the new pink. He could not be swayed. The nurse took about 10 minutes putting the cast on and then we left.

He does not seem to mind the cast now. The biggest problem we have or had is he usually sucks on two fingers of his left hand when he goes to sleep. He has probably done this since the orphanage. He realized he could not do that last night and had a fit. Maybe this will be the end of that habit!

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Curtis and Amy said...

OHHHH NOOOO!!!!! Hated to hear that Sam has a cast but thumbs up for maybe breaking the finger sucking habit!!! Ben does that too, and it is driving me bonkers!!! We have got to get the boys together!! I would love to see you guys again!!