Monday, June 15, 2009

Leave Daddy

Today, Sam started a new program for the summer. His old school closed for good on Friday and we are in between schools at the moment, so we signed him up for a summer program at church. The cool thing about the program is that is less expensive and much much closer ie: walking distance. He gets to bring his lunch everyday now and yesterday we picked up a brand new Spiderman lunch box.

He was very excited this morning when Mommy packed the lunch and put it in the fridge. Just as excited as we were walking down the driveway and he was yelling at her how excited he was. When we got to school we went into the big room that all the kids gather in before the actual program starts. I went in with Sam and while I knew he would be OK, he was a little skittish, understandable. So as I am kneeling with Sam, the teacher comes in to get the kids. They all line up with their lunchboxes and I stand outside the room to follow Sam down to the classroom. When the kids file out of the room, he looks up at me and says...

Leave Daddy.

So I left.

He had a great day and met a bunch of kids and is excited to go back tomorrow. What more could you ask for?

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